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Basketball Forms

Add these basketball coaching forms to your playbook (in pdf format).

Detailed Scouting Form
This is a detailed form for scouting opponents, with several pages.

One-Page Scouting Form
A more simple, one-page form for scouting opponents.

Stats Sheet #1
This game stats sheet has the following categories: field goals (2-pointers), 3-pointers, free-throws, rebounds, turnovers, assists, steals, and blocked shots.

Stats Sheet #2
This stats sheet has the following categories: offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, assists, turnovers, steals, and blocked shots. The field goals, 3-pointers and free-throws are omitted, because those stats are recorded in the main scorebook.

Shot Chart
This game shot chart records 2's and 3's, and team percentages for each quarter, half and the game. There is a column for adding individual player stats.

Player Evaluation Form
A detailed, yet simple, checklist form for recording individual player fundamentals (a separate sheet for each player).

Practice Planner Form
A very helpful practice planning form provided by a very experienced coach, Ken Sartini.

Game Sheet & Summary
Use this form courtside during the game, kept by an assistant. Keep track of your own player's fouls and your opponent's fouls. We also record our opponent's free-throw shooting, in case we need to know who to foul late in the game. Many other details are contained... best players, comments, offenses, defenses, press defense and offense, plays, etc. Save this form in the back of your playbook, and refer to it the next time you face that opponent.